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The Worst Thing That Happened

May 29, 2013

Love this blog from Cincibility’s Candice Jones Peelman – check out the Starfire Council on Facebook – they are doing some really interesting things but this kind of thoughtfulness about community, our own vulnerabilities as we try to organize invitation and shifts in our networks, and process is part of what I love about their work.


So how did Neighbor Day go?

Most of the to-do list didn’t get done before the week before last’s Neighbor Day celebration.  I did wind up scraping out all of the caulk from the bathtub, though no one besides Katie used the bathroom.  Go figure.

Two Catholic nuns came.  A couple from Katie’s street attended.  My neighbor and her four children came.  Katie & her husband.  Jordan & I.  Katie canvassed her entire street placing flyers in screen doors and under welcome mats and four people showed up.  I half-assed my invitations, waited last minute to tell people, and a family showed up.

And Jordan received this drawing from a six year old next-door admirer.  The brunette is not me (I asked).  The kids ate popcorn, snooped through our stuff, and ran on the deck asking questions and asking for more juice, more popcorn.  The adults stood around, and talked…

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