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Person Centred Planning

September 13, 2013

Shelley and I were at a great PATH last night, and I woke up this morning to a text from her saying, “Wasn’t that amazing?!!!”  Yes, it was.

The most interesting part of our last couple of years of supporting people in person-centred planning has been the concept of planning as an invitation to community or, in David Wetherow’s model, the Star Raft – what are we showing up with that we will be sharing with each other in our times of celebration or difficulty?

And then watching friends, family, neighbours, co-workers show up and get excited and, as they were last night, be sitting on the edges  of their seats by the end, tired but committed, and wondering “What can we do together?”  And in the moment we ask them, of all of the things up here that we’ve talked about, what’s one thing that would make your heart sing to be part of?   Lovely.  Here’s a video from the “On My Way” campaign for young adults transitioning to adulthood.   We are teaching PATH and person centred planning processes next week in Burnaby – a really exciting group of participants – and if you email me or Shelley we might still be able to take more participants! or

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