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David Pitonyak – Toolbox for Change. Vancouver, Oct 18th 2013

September 30, 2013

join us for a great day of transformational learning with David Pitonyak in Vancouver

learn together!  check out our group rates!

Toolbox for Change:

Reclaiming joy, purpose and commitment in the helping profession

with David Pitonyak, Ph.D.


How do organizations move towards person-centered supports? How do caregivers maintain their sense of purpose, joy, and commitment in times of growing complexity and changing expectations? This is a day-long workshop focused on specific strategies for transforming system-centered organizations to person- and family-centered organizations while never losing track of joy. Target audience: leaders, aspiring leaders and community support workers of all sorts.  Feel free to have lunch on your own at one of Oakridge’s many restaurants.  Morning and afternoon coffee and snacks are included.


At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will have developed knowledge in the following areas:

A basic understanding of the contrast between traditional and person-centered supports;

Tools for establishing an agency vision steeped in detail;

Tools for localizing decision-making;

Tools for staying focused as an organization and keeping track of the importance of joy


About David Pitonyak

David Pitonyak, Ph.D. is interested in positive approaches to difficult behaviors. He believes that difficult behaviors are “messages” which can tell us important things about a person and his or her surroundings. Understanding the “meaning” of an individual’s difficult behaviors is the first step in supporting the person (and the person’s supporters) to change.

David also believes (to paraphrase Jean Clark), that a “person’s needs are best met by people whose needs are met.” Supporting a person with difficult behaviors begins with an honest assessment of the needs of the person’s supporters. Creating more responsive human services is possible only when we take responsibility for problems of the workplace culture. A healthy organization is an organization that invites all of its members to take an active role in decision- making, provides support to each member as defined by the member, and evaluates its success by the degree to which it lives up to its promises.

David has consulted with families and professionals throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, England, the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. He is a recipient of the 2005 Positive Approaches Award from The Association for Persons with Severe Handicaps (TASH). In 2001, he was presented with the Outstanding Professional Award by the Autism Society of America, Greater Roanoke Valley Chapter. David lives in Blacksburg, Virginia with his wife Cyndi and two sons, Joe and Sam.

for more information about David and his work, check out

About Spectrum Consulting.  Collaborative: Research, Learning, Press.

Spectrum Consulting is the collaborative work of 4 people with and 4 people without disabilities and is the social enterprise branch of Spectrum Society.   We regularly do training around a number of themes that have to do with individualised supports and community development through support networks, as well as research, plain language translation, and the operation of a small press.

check out

For questions about the event, please call Judy at 604-323-1433.  

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