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Co-op Radio’s Community Living Show Interviews Peter Bourne

November 30, 2013

The CL Team and Peter BSteve Barry

It was great to see Peter Bourne back on the Mainland.  He is always a joy to be around as he is full of stories, one-liners and cheer; my kind of guy.

Peter was here for the Spectrum Press book and CD launch, he was invited to come and sing a few of his wonderful songs and to promote his debut CD  “If I Can Help Someone Today” to a larger audience.

The full Community Living team interview PB The folks from Community Living radio show had contacted me a few weeks earlier and asked if we could get together with Peter while he was in town and interview him, and so a date was set for us to meet at Dave and Lori’s house and record an interview.

It was a great Sunday morning with the Co Op radio show guys.  Lori, Dave, Kelly and Richard sat around the table and interviewed Peter over a breakfast of Bacon and egg Sandwiches, coffee Tea and laughter with some great people.

You can catch the interview and other archived shows on Co-Op radio at  HYPERLINK “” mans the recorder

I’d like to thank Dave, Lori, Kelly and Richard for sourcing the technology and creating the time and space for this to happen.  A big Thanks to Peter Bourne for coming over to be with us. was thrilled to be in the presence of the Community Living team as he has been listening to them for years.  Actually, Peter is no longer able to listen to the Community Living show, as his Shaw TV no longer provides the analogue radio listening option.  Co-Op radio has also changed it frequency number and this is difficult to pick up in Victoria.

Kelly Reaburn graciously offered to record some archived shows onto CD’s for Peter to listen to at his leisure.

Cheers, Steve B.

To buy If I Can Help Someone Today, click here.

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