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Study: NYC Charters Lose 80% of Students with Disabilities by Third Grade

January 11, 2014

Part of an interesting discussion about charter schools and disability (inclusion)

Diane Ravitch's blog

A study by the city’s Independent Budget Office finds that charter schools have incredibly high attrition for students with disabilities.

Ben Chapman writes in the New York Daily News:

“A whopping 80% of special-needs kids who enroll as kindergartners in city charter schools leave by the time they reach third grade, a report by the Independent Budget Office released Thursday shows.”

He adds:

“Critics have said for years that charters push out needy kids and serve fewer difficult students. Overall, just 9% of charter school students have special needs — much lower than the citywide average of 18%.

“District schools also had a tough time holding onto special-needs kids in the time period covered during the report. Just half who enrolled in traditional public school as kindergartners remained in the same school at the end of grade three.”

Where do they go? Presumably to other district schools, not to charters.

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