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RSA Animate – The Power of Networks

January 18, 2014

You might have to just stay with this a bit and if the concepts are unfamiliar, watch it a few times.  I think it is worth it as it describes how different disciplines are discovering a new model of connectedness that is a pattern flowing through everything…   The pattern is both simple and complicated, but some of our recent wonderings are about how we can get to that pattern of independence and community with people through some of the systemic, hierarchal patterns our supports impose on them.   

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  1. January 18, 2014 3:27 pm

    Completely fascinating, love the graphic illustration part that went with it so much.

    From a personal perspective, it feels right now like ‘Our’ drive towards connection is inspirationally/culturally/spiritually and even biologically driving us to respectfully and gently dismantle old walls and this bigger, unclear ‘thing’ will emerge. The idea of this thing being a ‘universal’ commonality is pretty mind blowing. If history/science is pointing to this potential universal commonality, what of the distancing behaviour we have towards uniqueness/weakness for this larger purpose? This tension has to be addressed and then mitigated for a strengthened, larger purpose.

    I really liked the information that came up for me this week around different thinking being right thinking too (a TED talk I shared on FB). The example was of four pictures (3 vehicles, one jet) being shown and the question ‘which one doesn’t belong’ being asked. The majority of people stated the jet, but another possibility was one of the trucks was commercial and all the other pictures showed transportation that moved people. THAT different thinking moves us towards appreciation for differentness, authentic connection and also has the highest potential for innovation. When we VALUE uniqueness, then and only then can we experience innovation and honour originality and creativity.

    As I said, it’s all FASCINATING! What I’ve written is probably confusing or at best too vague but RSA Animate was thought provoking to say the least. I’ve taken it in one of probably thousands of possible directions. I have thought about the distancing aspect towards people who are different for years and came to a personal conclusion years ago that this was instinctive as it occurred at far too young an age for someone to attribute it to learned behaviour. Still, I am not even a quadrillionth of a speck on the recording of time. In the distant future, powerful network formation may forge through areas of tension taking up the differentness in the process and embracing it for the betterment of all.

    OMG, I sound like I just dropped acid! And, I could go on for hours in this conversation with interested parties too. Haha…

    It is worth thinking about in terms of individuals…the power of networks and the idea of networks overcoming hierarchal systems. Taking a look at the history of individuals and community with a lens focused on emerging natural networks that cropped up will define this leg of the journey more clearly and point us towards innovation and enhance the quality of life for everyone.

    So fun,


    Debby Simcoe

    35403 McKinley Drive

    Abbotsford BC V3G 3E2


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