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Amanda’s Success Story. from “Employment at Spectrum” by Dayna Kneeland

January 28, 2014
Amanda hard at work at Simon Fraser University

Amanda hard at work at Simon Fraser University

I am grateful for the opportunity to meet with Amanda Billett to hear about her employment experiences. Not only is Amanda’s story inspiring but she also has some great advice to offer job seekers. 

Amanda works as a full time dishwasher for Simon Fraser University’s dining hall, a large cafeteria open 24 hours a day for students on campus. Amanda shared that her work is demanding. You need to physically have the energy to do it and also constantly be thinking about which dishes to wash first. You have to work as a team and be prepared for stress because when you work in a kitchen each cook wants their dishes to be washed first so there are a lot of people to please.

When I asked Amanda what she likes most about her job she shared that she loves her co-workers and providing service to the students. She feels a sense of accomplishment that she can keep up with such a challenging job. Finally she added “this job is never boring, there is always a lot to do”.

Amanda found the posting for her job on Craigslist and applied for it herself. Amanda had previous work experience and people who helped her learn how to apply for a job. She had learned how to make a resume, look for jobs online, and apply for a job by sending an employer her resume through an email. She had learned how to prepare for an interview: what to wear, what to say, how to act. Finally, Amanda told me that she had a network of people that she could ask for help when she needed it.

Amanda has some great advice to pass on to other job seekers. First, try your best. If you need support don’t be afraid to ask for help because that’s how you build your confidence. There are many ways to look for work. You can look online but don’t be afraid to dress up nicely and go out into your community and talk to employers and give them your resume. Finally, be really open to a lot of different types of jobs but if you aren’t comfortable about something don’t be afraid to speak up about it.

When I asked Amanda what her dream job in the future might be she had great perspectives to share.

“I’m still young. There are a lot of possibilities and when you are young you are still searching to discover your dreams. One day I’d like to be out there speaking more to people maybe in customer service or sales. For now, this job will do and I’m happy.”

Thank you, Amanda for sharing your story with us and for passing on all of your great advice.

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