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Barb Fowke: a poem about Planning

January 30, 2014

Barb Fowke is a poet and self advocate leader in Ontario.  We are grateful that she allowed us to reprint this poem.  We are big fans of Barb’s work, which is sensitive, heartfelt and always makes us think.   I particularly like the line “Planning is a chance to make new friends” – I wish I’d realized that a long time ago as we’ve been learning so much about it with David Wetherow and the Star Raft projects.  If you are on Facebook you can check it out here!  Be sure and “like” her page.


Planning is preparing for the future
Planning is your day or preparing a meal or what to wear
Planning is facilitating
Planning is an idea
Planning is a journey
Planning isn’t so easy sometimes
Planning is a lot of fun
Planning is listening to you
Planning is caring about your interests in what you do and what you want
Planning is a challenge
Planning is a helping hand
Planning is a goal that you wish to accomplish
Planning is a thought
Planning is an opportunity
Planning takes time, a long time
Planning is support
Planning is having fun
Planning is a chance to make new friends
Planning is a choice

Planning is not sad
Planning is happy


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