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Welcome to the March nearly-all-videos 101Friends e-newsletter

February 27, 2014

YouHadMeAtHello2Last year one of the things on our goal list was to find more ways to use video (and other media) in our work – so it’s fun to have an e-issue that celebrates it.  So many people have helped with this goal – thanks particularly to Karla Verschoor, Hayley Glossup and

There are a few things coming up you might want to know about.

We are teaching PATH in Vancouver at the end of this month, and in Squamish after that.  We will be joined (virtually) by David Wetherow, who has been such a great teacher for us.  We’ve just had very energising PATH training with the Langley School Board and their community partners, and with the Sechelt School Board.   And we are off to renew our own learning in Toronto at the Inclusion Press PATH and MAPs training in Toronto.   Lynda and Jack have written a revised PATH and MAPs book and while we’ve been using it to teach, we wanted to get a refresher, spend some time with them and our friend Chris Lee of Potluck Projects Consulting and meet some new folks.

Coming to Toronto!  This ended up turning into what looks to be a great day!  We’ll be talking about “You had me at Hello!” The art and craft of invitation and introduction.   You can check it out here if you are in the Toronto area.  And if you can’t make it to that, let us know that you’d like to spend time and we’ll see what we can do.   

Coming to Coquitlam!  We’re also thrilled to be support some of our Spectrum Consulting friends and partners in presentation at the Coquitlam Building a Community of Leaders Conference, at which self advocates will be presenting in a TED talks format!  Congratulations to Liz Etmanski, Cheryl Fryfield, Jerry and Laura Laidlaw.

Coming to Coquitlam even more!  Thanks so much to the city of Coquitlam for partial funding for our “4x10x40” project in which we’ll be mixing it up with some young people, some seniors, some entrepreneurs and some folks with disabilities – learning about planning and community engagement.  Interested in joining us?  email or   Details to follow.

Coming everywhere around the province!  We’re also thrilled to announce a partnership around personal support networks with Inclusion B.C., who we will be working with on a provincial initiative for the next two or three years.  We’re excited about the longevity and the connectivity of this project, and we hope to talk to lots of people about support networks initiatives that have worked (or not) in their communities to put together a kind of tool box of ideas and methods.   Again, contact us if you’d like to know more or have stories to share.

Coming to Winnipeg!  Aaron will be speaking about “Renegotiating Reciprocity” and “Keep your cell phone on!  Why Social Media matters to people with disabilities and those who care about them,” at the Canadian Conference on Developmental Disabilities and Autism May 6 and 7th.

Many thanks to Jai and his family for their story about Jai’s work.   Also, to Dayna Kneeland who has run with the idea of an employment project over the last few months – and done some wonderful writing as well.   Such a gift to have her with us.  We hope for Dayna’s return later on in the year, but her excellent replacement in our Alternative Approaches to Supported Employment project is Lori Corcoran, who we’ve been so glad to work with over the last few years.  Got questions about employment or ideas or leads on work?   Let Lori know 🙂 

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