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PATH in September – Universal Design for Learning means learning for everyone

March 19, 2014

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS THE SEPTEMBER VANCOUVER TRAINING; we need a minimum of ten participants to host this but will let you know a month in advance if we are unable to conduct this class.

PATH as an exemplary form of person centred planning:

co-facilitating for individuals, friends and family, teams and organizations
Aaron Johannes and Shelley Nessman with special guest David Wetherow

September 27 – 28 – 2 full days, snacks and lunch included!


Anyone is welcome to join us for this PATH and MAPs training event – to learn the process or for a refresher and some more practice.  Several folks have requested us to plan for something that would be accessible so we’re welcoming you into this experiment!   Self advocates might want to try to access scholarship funds from this great collaboration of parties who want to support education.  There is a short application form or you can apply by calling, but you must apply by March 31st!

What is PATH?

PATH is a process in which a facilitator and a graphic facilitator work with a focal person (or organization or team) and their supporters to create a vision of the best possible future, out of which comes a plan that is always “positive” and “possible,” understood by all and no longer mysterious or scary. By the end of the PATH event the focal person or group has communicat- ed where they want to go, what and who they need to support their journey, and how this part of their lives will be part of a bigger future. Those who care about them often say they feel clear, inspired and hopeful afterwards, and are excited to take on action oriented roles. A PATH is a great tool to bring a network together and the “new” PATH processes focus on the development of support networks more than ever!

From Left to Right: Val Beaman (Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation), Aaron, Shelley Nessman, Shelley Gerber (Community Living B.C.) - a project PATH

From Left to Right: Val Beaman (Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation), Aaron, Shelley Nessman, Shelley Gerber (Community Living B.C.) – a project PATH

Shelley and Aaron, together and with other partners, have been doing PATHs for individuals, organizations and teams for more than 20 years and it is still a process that surprises and delights them as they watch individuals and teams who think they hate “planning” come to life and families get excited about the future.

What a PATH is:
! powerful and empowering
! practical and dream-based
! communal and individualised
! a great way to bring a support network
! a great way to get on the same page
! action-oriented

What PATH is not:
! a cookie cutter approach
! a way to force someone to be part of
your plan for them

! Individuals who are at a time in their lives when a creative, inspired approach feels right
! facilitators looking for a more person centred method of planning they can use in a variety of situations
! families who want to work together
! friends who want to make a difference
! committed employers
! agency leaders wanting to know what’s optimal so they can do their best work

Learning outcomes.   Over two days together, in a small group, we will…
! see a PATH being facilitated by experienced facilitators with opportunities for questions
! learn to honor this process as participatory leaders
! learn the steps of a PATH
! have fun with drawing, even if we think we can’t draw
! facilitate a PATH for someone
! graphically facilitate a PATH for someone
! have a PATH done for ourselves
! have fun, get energized and think new thoughts
! learn about other person centred planning methods
! get a really cool certificate
! share our strengths

What is Universal Design for Learning?
Universal Design for Learning, sometimes called UDL, is a way of creating learning plans that work for everyone no matter what. We will use different ways of talking about things (dialogues, art, music, theatre) in a kind of emergent co-learning learning model. No one will be turned away for any reason and we’ll do our best to make this workshop work for you – if you are a person without a disability and you love spending time with self advocates as much as we do, this might be the workshop you want to take!

* there may or may not be dancing penguins involved at this workshop


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