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Brandy Agerbeck’s Graphic Facilitator’s Guide

March 29, 2014

graphic.facilitators_mediumWe are increasingly interested in the uses of graphic facilitation as a way to get people of all kinds on the same page, get them excited about possibility, really quickly create a vision that we can agree with or make changes to, and think through things together.   We were early adopters and then converts and soon we may be knocking on your door to ask if you’ve heard about graphic facilitation 🙂

If we get to that point, we’re bringing this book with us.

Brandy Agerbeck was one of the earliest innovators in graphic facilitation and she continues to lead thinking about how drawing enlivens meetings, engages participants and helps thinking.   So we’re excited to be carrying her book, which we’ll now have at our book tables during events.   It’s not a great deal financially for you dear customer because it’s printed in the states and exchange and shipping blah blah blah (it’s a better deal on amazon) but mostly we want to talk about it and get more people drawing and thinking about possibility.  And we’re happy to take your money 🙂

If you’d like to see Brandy totally own the stage at the TEDxWindyCity check out the video below:

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