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Inclusion BC Conference!

May 27, 2014

It’s hard to believe that a whole year has passed since the last Inclusion BC conference!

We are gearing up for this year’s events and thinking forward to our trip to Nanaimo in June. We will be presenting in 3 different sessions which will give information and inspiration about what we have been up to this past year.

Cheryl Fryfield and I will be telling everyone about Spectrum Consulting’s year- long project called Cheryl’s Starraft Salon. In this project a group of people met one Saturday a month for a year to explore what it takes to build your network and how to be leaders in all kinds of interesting ways. We are convening a panel of people who participated in the project who will talk about their experiences, how we decided on the curriculum for the salon and what we learned along the way.

In the second presentation, Rebecca Pauls, Amanda Billett and I will be talking about Independent Facilitation, which is a new service that is being vetted by Spectrum. Rebecca, who recently joined us at Spectrum Consulting, brings her valuable experience as an Independent Facilitator from Ontario where many people have successfully used this service. Independent facilitators support people to plan and vision for the future and/or figure out the things that will help their plan become a reality! Building a network, exploring the things a person really loves or is good at and finding places in the community to express their gifts and talents are all ways that an independent facilitator can support a person in their journey to a good life.

Finally, we will be co-leading a story telling session with Lindsay Lorraine. Lindsay is the coordinator for the website and lately has been putting together a toolkit for Community Living BC to support people to hold their own storytelling event. Spectrum is one of the community partners with the InCommon project and we are looking forward to hearing people’s stories and life experiences! Looking forward to seeing you all!

Here is Cheryl facilitating one of our Starraft Sessions!  She will be talking about this at the Conference! Image

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