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Vicky Bassett: “Coffee” and “My Life With Having to Have Staff”

June 25, 2014

Remembering a favourite post from June, 2011

101 Ways to Make Friends

This is a reprint of an article Vicky sent me and we published last year in the Spectrum newsletter.   She and I had a long history together and were thrilled to be reunited – she was one of my first and greatest teachers.   It is hard to believe that a month ago she passed away, very suddenly.  One of the goals that we had together was to do a presentation called “Segregated Programs: Stories from Both Sides of the Room.”   I had been an unhappy staff in a program where she was an unhappy “client.”   Both of us left to pursue better ideas and one of the things I loved was reconnecting with her and finding her surrounded by loving friends and connected to all kinds of people and, with their support, the master of her own ship.   Vicky continues to be a great teacher…

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