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Thanks to all our donors from the Spectrum Vancouver Next Chapter Book Club!

May 31, 2015
By Liz Etmanksi: Susan Powell presents to the National Next Chapter Book Club Conference

By Liz Etmanksi: Susan Powell presents to the National Next Chapter Book Club Conference

On April 16-19, 2015, Liz, Jerry and Susan from Vancouver’s Next Chapter Book Club participated in the Chapter’s Ahead Conference in Chicago. This conference is a gathering of Next Chapter Book Clubs from all over North America that come together to learn from each other, share stories and celebrate successes! This year, Liz and Jerry became trained as Co-Faciliators and also made a presentation to the conference about how our group is using graphics to enhance emergent literacy. Aine and Rebecca also came along to the conference to be trained in how to facilitate Next Chapter’s Jot-it-Down Writing Clubs.

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During the conference, there were many ways to get involved. Jerry and Liz enthusiastically participated in each of the live book club sessions. Jerry shared ideas from the Vancouver book club, like taking notes about the story line as it progresses and writing summaries at the end of each night. Other people at the conference appreciated the creativity and also liked the idea about bringing an iPad along in case the group needed to look up any new vocabulary words. Liz learned a new strategy called “echo reading” to help everyone in the book club have a chance to read out loud to the rest of the group. In echo reading, one person says each word quietly while another person speaks it out loud to the group. The person that Liz was practicing with was visibly pleased for the opportunity to contribute and add his voice to the reading. Throughout the event, the Vancouver book club was mentioned several times in conversations and presentations. Dr. Fish, the founder of the Next Chapter Book Clubs even said that he would like to come and visit and help spread the word about these book clubs throughout BC and other places in Canada.

After each of the conference days, the group also had a chance to explore and experience the sights and sounds of the big, windy city. Everyone had a chance to have a Chicago Style Hot Dog and lots of deep dish pizza. There was also a chance to do an Architectural Boat tour of the lake and river. It was astounding to see the tall and beautiful buildings that make up the Chicago skyline. Chicago is a friendly, accessible and extremely hospitable city!

The Vancouver Next Chapter Book Club would like to thank Susan Powell and Debby Simcoe for sharing their passion for reading as they facilitate book club each week.

We are also grateful to Spectrum Society for Community Living and all of the generous people who made donations and the Read-a-Thon and Bowl-a-Thon.

Writing facilitated by Rebecca Pauls (Thanks!)

Aaron: it’s been great to hear about the Chicago adventures and how excited people are about reading and, now, writing.  The Spectrum Vancouver NCBC has just finished another book and is making plans for the summer, which hope to include some writing events.  If you’re interested please email and I’ll get you in touch.  We do appreciate the enthusiasm and hard work of Dr. Powell and Debby Simcoe, and also of Rebecca Pauls, who went along for the ride, was endlessly helpful and organized.  Thanks!  If you’d like still like to make a donation to our literacy in community work with adults, please feel free to visit our donation site.  Just choose “adult literacy programs.”  

Finally, a little feedback to Chicago and this means you Brandy Agerbeck – people loved your city and not only how helpful Chicagoans were, but how respectful and simply kind.  Also, the food 🙂   

Want to see the powerpoint of our presentation?  Click here: NCBCChicago2015Smaller

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