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Training in MAPs, PATH and graphics – new events!

May 31, 2015
Cheryl's 2nd PATH, in 2014 (friend David Wetherow is on the laptop screen)

Cheryl’s 2nd PATH, in 2014 (friend David Wetherow is on the laptop screen)

November 18 – 20th, Vancouver.  MAPS and PATH as exemplary forms of person centred planning: co-facilitating for individuals, friends and family, teams and organizations

Aaron Johannes and Shelley Nessman with special guest David Wetherow

What is MAP or PATH planning?

“I know I speak for us both when I say that we LOVED the PATH and MAPS training. We were both buzzing about it on our way home . . . !  What valuable tools in person-centred planning. We learned a great deal from the knowledge in the room as well. . . .  I am so looking forward to using PATH with individuals. Thank you both so much for generously sharing your knowledge with us. We are very privileged to be working in the community inclusion field with both of you! :)”  PATH trainees

PATH is a process in which a facilitator and a graphic facilitator work with a focal person (or organization or team) and their supporters to create a vision of the best possible future, out of which comes a plan that is always “positive” and “possible,” understood by all and no longer mysterious or scary. By the end of the PATH event the focal person or group has communicated where they want to go, what and who they need to support their journey, and how this part of their lives will be part of a bigger future. Those who care about them often say they feel clear, inspired and hopeful afterwards, and are excited to take on action oriented roles. A PATH is a great tool to bring a network together and the “new” PATH processes focus on the development of support networks more than ever!

Shelley and Aaron, together and with other partners, have been doing PATHs for individuals, organizations and teams for more than 20 years and it is still a process that surprises and delights them as they watch individuals and teams who think they hate “planning” come to life and families get excited about the future.

“Oh it’s so gorgeous! What an amazing experience. I feel very privileged to have been part of it. Thank you everyone!”  Comment from a teaching staff after being part of her first PATH.  

For tickets to this event, click here.

If you would prefer to take this training in Victoria in September 16 – 18th, please contact Kristen or Catriona


November 28, Vancouver.  Expanding Graphics for Person Centred Planning and Thinking

Graphic Recording has become an important part of person centered planning, the central concept of individualizing supports for people with disabilities.  PATH and Maps, two of our favourite tools, are both graphic approaches to planning.  Often, as we learn these processes, we are focused on getting from one step to another and learning a bit about facilitation, a bit about graphics and a bit about what’s useful to a group of people who care about the person we’re planning with.
Afterwards, we often work with intensity, often alone at the wall, with little opportunity to reflect or grow our skills.
In this day long training we will learning how to:
– warm up and prepare for public drawing (eek!)
– thinking about scale, color and contrast
– creating an icon library that will allow you to speed up your responsive listening
– using pastels and other media like stamping
– incorporating stickers of various kinds to increase participation
– alternatives to include folks who are visually impaired
– identifying challenges participants are having and incorporating specific learning into the day’s curriculum
– an introduction to some Ipad drawing technology that you might find useful
Learning objectives: – become more confident public artists – learn new ways of being better recorders so that we can better pay attention to helping someone map out their dreams – learn about mediums that allow us to create more colorful, attractive, compelling plans – learning other ways of using graphics in our practices for understanding and communication
Prerequisites:– be familiar with the PATH process- have experienced drawing for PATHs- be committed to person centered thinking and planning This is a fast paced, interactive day which will build on the skills and questions participants bring to the group by using critique and discernment together.
Please consider joining us for an interactive, fun day limited to 25 people.

For tickets to this event, click here.

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