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Carlos Joe Costa, William Benavides, Susan Stanfield and Aaron Johannes at Soma Recording Studios working on the DVD version of “101 Ways to Make Friends: ideas and conversation starters for people with disabilities and their supporters,” to be released in 2010.

Articles by Susan Stanfield

From Institutions to Individuals: On Becoming Person-Centred


Articles by Aaron Johannes

Aspects of Self-Governance: Stories of Three Women with Disabilities

Reading to Better Support People with Disabilities on Squidoo

Pets and People with Disabilities

Photography: a Recipe for Connection

“A Pedagogy of Engagement”: Foucault, History and the Role of Community Support Workers

What Just Happened Here?  Some Thoughts at the end of our Personal Support Networks Project

Employment and People with Disabilities: a Relationship Focus

(Draft) e-book: Some Things We’ve Learned at Spectrum.   The idea of an e-book that travels around in a viral way comes from Seth Godin.   This is a too-huge file focused on graphic representations of some of the ideas that we’ve focused on over the last couple of decades, which continue to be central to all we do.   Be patient when downloading!   Feel free to distribute.

Our books and other products are available through our storefront 101 Ways to Make Friends: Ideas and Conversation Starters for People with Disabilities and their Supporters, 101 Ways to Facilitate Making Friends, the DVD “And That’s How I Got Rid of My Isolation,” and The Goode Life: Memoirs of Disability Rights Activist Barb Goode are also mostly on (you can also find it in online bookstores in the U.S., Britain and Germany).   Our book is being used by several agencies, college CSW classes and self-advocacy groups.  There are great deals on shipping costs for bulk orders.   Shopping? We think people should have some better choices around looking cool and being involved in community living.   So our store has some other fun products by, for and about people we care about.  Feel free to order things (LOTS of choices).   Spectrum Press is a Social Entreprise so we focus on including the people we support as paid consultants, writers and presenters in our research, publications and presentations.

Spectrum’s 101 Friends Personal Support Network Project Articles

Preaching to the converted is easy!  We want to meet people from outside this field too.   “Who’s Who In Collingwood” – at a gathering of personal support network facilitators, one of the goals was to get the word out in a local newspaper about all the good work that’s happening around the province.   Here’s how we met that goal in our neighbourhood!

CLBC’s “The Citizen” Magazine’s Innovation Article of the Month for May 2009 featured the work of our provincial Personal Support Networks workshops and our book.

B.C. Coalition of People with Disabilities has published an issue of Transitions Magazine devoted to connecting in your community, in which Spectrum’s 101 Friends project gets a mention.

An article from the Comox Newspaper about one of our workshops.

AimHi’s Employee Newsletter with an announcement about one of our workshops.

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