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About our Workshops

We currently offer 3 workshops and other consulting services


Personal Support Networks.    We’ve traveled over much of the province, as well as in the U.S., and met with many families, people with disabilities, self-advocates, staff teams, agencies, experts and community represenatives to talk about how to identify, engage, deepen and expand the networks of support around folks with disabilities.   We offer workshops designed for mixed groups, or self-advocate groups, or staff teams, or families.   Currently some of these are funded through a C.L.B.C. grant – please ask for more information by emailing or calling us at 604-323-1433.    This workshop is interactive, engaging and experiential.   It is designed to get people excited about the idea of looking at all we do through a “lens of relationship,” to quote John Lord, and give them a sense of empowerment as well as some very usable techniques. 

Instructional Strategies.   Often staff who are expected to assist folks with disabilities don’t have the training to do so.   As trained teachers who have developed instructional expertise in how to teach people with disabilities we offer a workshop designed to leave staff with some concrete skills, better goals, and a larger picture from which to teach (a pedagogy of support).   This workshop is easy to understand and fun. 

101 Ways to Make Friends: Ideas and Conversation Starters for People with Disabilities and their Supporters.   An interactive multi-media presentation and facilitated discussion lasting from 90 minutes to 4 hours.

Breakfast with Strangers: non-profit leaders in relationship with business leaders.   What we can learn from each other and how, some ideas on how to make it happen.   90 minutes to 4 hours. 

A History of Engagement.   We’ve developed this keynote speech by request.   A one hour presentation about our learning around people with disabilities and relationships, how they and their networks teach all of us how better to be engaged and accountable citizens, and how to support leadership and self-governance for all.  

“The Answer is in the Room”: an open-ended day of facilitated conversation.   You supply a group of up to a dozen people, a room with a wall for notes, a circle of chairs, and healthy food to keep us all going.   We’ll assist the group to develop an action plan, positive strategies and a time-line and either supply them with or direct them to some concrete tools that will assist them to meet milestones and goals the group agrees on.  


Person-Centred Planning:  we have been engaged in person-centred planning and have developed some great tools that we hope will be helpful.   Contact us for rates.

Personal Support Networks Facilitation: we offer individualised support and tools to meet a set of goals that we define with the person and their existing network.   Contact us for rates.  

Program Feedback:  if you’d like us to visit your program and talk to your teams and families, we’d be happy to discuss a process and set some goals.   Contact us for rates. 


Handsouts – Personal Support Networks, general, self-advocates, staff. 

Handouts – 101 Ways to Make Friends

David Pitonyak handouts we often refer to and use (with permission) from his site

Michael Kendrick  handouts we often refer to and use (with permission) from his site

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    I really like when people are expressing their opinion and thought. So I like the way you are writing

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