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Lots of news – welcome to the May e-edition of the 101 Ways to Make Friends newsletter

May 1, 2011

This month, we continue our look at the work of Lifetime Networks in Victoria, an organization with some great ideas and wonderful leaders.   As well, there’s an invitation to our book launch on May 9th at Heritage Hall, from 4:30 – 8 p.m..   Barb Goode will be available to sign books, as will other authors.    We hope you’ll join us.   This is also the launch of our new logo and motto, which we’re very excited about.   Elena Rivera McGregor, of Rivera Designs Group, is known best for her winning logo design for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games, The Inn at False Creek Hotel, Lakeland College and many more.   She’s also become a great friend over the last few years as we were in a series of workshops together and we’ve been constantly impressed by her insightfulness and creativity.

Elena interviewed many of our stakeholders about their impressions of Spectrum and our work, and came back to us with some humbling feedback about what people like about us, which she then turned into a design and motto with a working group and our Board.   We feel this new take on our image strongly expresses our vision of interdependence and our commitment to supporting participatory leadership and partnerships both local and international.  Look for the new logo.   I’ve been putting up teasers on our Facebook page but the whole thing gets rolled out May 9th.

Speaking of international, in June we travel to Syracuse to do a workshop on “Changing Roles in Community Support” there – that’s exciting not least because so much of what we have learned and so many of the leaders who have been important to us have come from there.   We’ll be spending time with friends at Onondaga Community Living.   Check out their site for a quite different model of person-centredness.    Another site that has great ideas from beginning to end is Georgia Options.   In September a number of agencies will gather in San Francisco for a conference completely dedicated to agency transformation, and we’ll be on a panel there talking about some of the changes we’ve made.

Last but not least, we have a new on-line storefront and are bravely signing up as contestants in a contest sponsored in part by Seth Godin.   The storefront opens May 9th as well, so look for it here and show your support!   on May 9th we’ll be having a Facebook contest as well so drop in on us there to win books and t-shirts.   In the meantime check out the lovely blog below by Rachel van Rijn – it’s so worth a few hours…

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