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Some seats left! Intensive Training in Person Centred Planning in Vancouver, B.C.

January 1, 2012

Dr Michael Kendrick’s Optimal Individual Service Design is a two week intensive in which a maximum of thirty participants are led through a thoughtful planning process that focuses on proven best practice ways to support people with disabilities.  

Those who have taken the course often say it is transformational.  It introduces evidence based concepts and thinks critically about Social Role Valorisation and the roles that people with disabilities play and might take on in our communities.   The experiential element of actual participating in planning for individuals encourages whole new skill sets which can be taken back into your work or life and used immediately.     

The thirty participating trainees are from all different places – leaders at various levels, community support workers, students and parents – and they support ten focal people with disabilities.   They work in small teams through the two weeks to create plans which are then owned by the individual and may be used to ensure supports are on track, or to take to funders or agencies.

Agencies who sponsor people to attend also have opportunities to sit at the back of the room while Michael Kendrick, Lorna Sullivan and Dennis Harkins talk about their own experiences of person-centredness and agency transformation (when private information is not being discussed).   Prior to the course, we will have a schedule for participants and another schedule for those wishing to sit in and learn.   As the time grows closer we will also try to offer free evenings for families and self advocates who have wish to meet the instructors and ask questions.

We’ve participated before in offering this by partnering with other agencies and would be glad to do so this time as well.   Please contact for more information or check our eventbrite registration site

To learn more about Dr. Michael Kendrick, visit his website at

“My association with Michael Kendrick began nearly twenty years ago, when advocates from Connecticut became interested in the innovative approaches to human service reform and community development that he was helping to fostering in Western Massachusetts. His initial work with our agency staff involved training, introducing us to the concepts and disciplines of “normalization” (later Social Role Valorization) theory. Soon, however, our Office began to rely on Michael to consult on program design and advocacy strategies. As we responded to legislative mandates and requirements arising from class action lawsuits, Michael guided and facilitated our efforts to develop both legally based, professional advocacy programs and community based, Citizen Advocacy projects for people leaving Connecticut institutions.

Over the years we have asked him to prepare formal studies on questions of organizational structure and strategy, to develop and provide training to community groups and boards, to serve as an expert witness, and to lead discussions amongst our Board and staff members as we periodically re-examine our commitments and priorities. Michael can always be counted on to recognize and penetrate to the heart of the issue; to bring fresh insights and inspiration. His deep understanding of the dynamics of societal change and systems reform, coupled with his awesome intellect, essential goodness and, not least, his wry sense of humour bring unique, authentic and lasting contributions to our common struggles on behalf of people with disabilities and their families.”  James D. McGaughey, Updated Nov 12, 2003

Check out other testimonials here.   

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  1. Kim Pemberton permalink
    January 1, 2012 5:20 pm

    What is the cost of the workshop and when and where does it happen?
    Kim Pemberton

    • January 2, 2012 7:20 am

      Hi Kim – the information about the course is here
      British Columbia Association for Community Living, 227 6th Street, New Westminster, British Columbia V3L 3A5, Canada is lending us some space for the days. Week one is January 9 – Friday, January 13, 2012 and week 2 is January 30-February 3, 2012; the days are mostly 9 – 4 with a bit of time in the evenings to interview the focal people as a small group. the course is $1400 per person for the two weeks, but we’ve had a small donation that makes it possible to offer a break / scholarships as needed. email me if you have any questions

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