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Sheenagh Morrison: Reconnecting with Family and Friends in New Zealand

January 31, 2012
I’ve just had a month in New Zealand with my family who I don’t see very often because I live in Canada  and they live in New Zealand.
when I arrived in New Zealand on December 9th 2011 I stayed with my mom’s brother and his with and another uncle and auntie were staying at the same house, and so was my youngest cousin.  My cousin who I have not seen in a few years stopped by for a quick hi and a glass of water on his way home from a night shift at the hospital.
On my last day in Auckland another cousin stopped by for dinner.
I had a great time with them all in Auckland.
I then had a few nights in Christchurch with my older cousin on my dad’s side , I got to meet my youngest second cousin on my dad’s side for the first time.
We had a fun few days together, then I went to stay with my moms other brother and see the damage to his house after the earth quakes.
Then my mom and I went down to Dunedin, in Dunedin i stayed with my mom’s other brother and we saw some family friends in Dunedin as well for a coffee.  We then went down to Queenstown for my last few  weeks in New Zealand.  it was so much  fun, I saw some family who I have not seen in 9 years and it was so awesome to see them.
I had a great time catching up with my family and friends.
You can read more of Sheenagh’s ideas and writing on the wonderful Self Advocacy Foundation website and blog, where bloggers from around the province are doing the most amazing job of talking about their lives and leadership.   Look for Sheenagh’s interviews her each month as she asks questions of B.C. leaders about what’s happening around the province in research, training and development.    Who would you like to see get interviewed?
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  1. Lyle Lexier permalink
    February 3, 2012 7:15 am

    I am glad that you had a good time in New Zealand with your family and friends down there.


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