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Strong foundations, strong partnerships: a call to our current and future donors

January 31, 2013

Like most non-profit organizations, Spectrum Society relies on donations from individuals, families and community partners – people just like you.  Many of the projects we write about on this blog are funded in part by donations, as are a whole range of other activities, from sponsoring self advocates to attend conferences, to social functions like our annual New Years tea and summer picnic, to helping pay for needed equipment or a special holiday for someone living on a fixed income.

We are extremely grateful to all who contribute their time, talents and financial support to Spectrum.  As we look ahead to 2013 and the many exciting projects we’re involved in, we want to invite all of our readers to consider supporting Spectrum with a financial contribution so we can continue to respond to requests for assistance, and plan for the future with greater certainty.

This letter from Spectrum’s Executive Director, Ernie Baatz, outlines our fundraising targets for 2013.

This link will take you to a donation form that you can fill out online.

We thank you for your support!

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