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Waddy Welcome and the Beloved Community. Collaborative reading and discussion. A 1 in 100 Vancouver Event

May 31, 2014

waddiewelcomeSpectrum Consulting.  Collaborative: Learning, Research, Press, is excited to co-host, with Building Caring Communities, the premiere reading of Waddy Welcome and the Beloved Community as one of the “interventions” of the 1 in 100 Vancouver Community Building “interventions.”  Hosted by Joe Erpenbeck, Facilitated by Rebecca Pauls, Graphic Facilitation by Aaron Johannes, Commentary by self advocate author and leader Cheryl Fryfield.

On June 7, 2014, create an intervention that will make Vancouver a better place.

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What if hundreds of people united, each putting in place the changes they wish to see in their city, all on the same day?
On June 7, for the first time-ever, Vancouver will host 100 in 1 Day.
This citizen-driven festival will unite people across the city to make Vancouver a better place by creating acts of urban change.
These acts, or interventions, have the potential to raise awareness of urban and social issues, inspire ideas, and motivate leaders to consider new approaches to old problems.

Readings of Waddy Welcome and the Beloved Community have been hosted all over the world, and led to transformational conversations about inclusion and community.  Please join us at The Hub, 251 East 11th Street, Vancouver, from 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. (look for the red balloons).  Tickets are Free.  There will be tea, cookies, and a collaborative reading of a short text, and then a discussion of some questions about belonging and diversity.   You can register here for a free ticket:  Waddy Welcome and the Beloved Community

Hope to see you there for some reading, a little art, a cookie, some tea and great conversations!




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