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PATH, MAPs and Person Centred Thinking – a monthly online meet-up for participants of our training

March 29, 2015

NewPlanningOne of the challenges of PATH and MAPs facilitation, and other person centred thinking processes, is feeling like part of a community of practice.  So much of our work is alone, in brief intervals, and we know that we lose great facilitators because they don’t have the places to ask the questions that come up in their work.   If you’ve taken our training in the past, please join us for a one hour discussion on different topics of interest to you.  You can get your password to the meeting by emailing or or

Only a limited number of participants can join the webinar so first come, first served.

Click here to join.  


Please do!  I just ask that you keep it completely intact (as is) and include this blurb with functional links:

Spectrum Consulting.  Collaborative: Learning, Research, Press, is located in Vancouver, British Columbia.   We support individuals in person-centred planning and and organizations through other facilitation processes to get more connected to their communities, involve self advocate leaders and deepen their visions of effective, caring teams supporting people we care about through shared leadership and inclusive planning.  We also do research projects for organizations and governments which include self-advocate researchers.  For more information visit: our project site, our agency, under “workshops,” or (Aaron’s site).

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