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Making new friends through politics – Adrian Dix and Kelly

April 30, 2009
Kelly makes a new friend, Adrian Dix

Kelly makes a new friend, Adrian Dix

Politics isn’t one of the ways we usually think of as an avenue to new relationships, but we’ve talked to a few people lately who have been expanding their networks through their involvement in the upcoming election.    One of our friends talked about how much he’d learned through the process of volunteering, and how many people he’d met, and of how, in the future, that would be useful in his own career aspirations althogh his candidate probably won’t win.  

Here, Kelly meets MLA incumbentAdrian Dix, our MLA for Vancouver-Kingsway, who is working hard to be re-elected in his area. Adrian is the only MLA who has ever (to our surprise) showed up at a Spectrum AGM, asking good questions about what we do, listening carefully and offering help. Kelly recently met Adrian as he toured the neighbourhood and has gone on to become a phone volunteer in his local NDP office.   One of  the things that Kelly is looking forward to is an upcoming “Dim Sum Fundraiser” on May 2nd (to reserve a ticket or learn more call: 604-568-5345).  

The next provincial election is May 12th. If you need assistance to vote, or help with information, please contact our office or the agency in your area.   To learn more about Adrian’s work check out this site

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  1. susan permalink
    May 1, 2009 5:13 pm

    Great article! Politics is a super way to make friends and an excellent way to make sure we have a voice in making decisions that affect us all.
    I admire Adrian Dix for his ongoing support of our health care system.
    Thanks for a great newsletter.

  2. Kelly permalink
    May 2, 2009 7:56 pm

    Great time at the Dim Sum Fundraiser today! Now I know even more people in my community.

    Adrian Dix told Shari that he really liked this article, as well.

    After Sylvia told us about the Collingwood Community Gardens, we walked over to check out this beautiful spot, too.

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