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101 Ways to Make Friends Welcomes Creativity

May 31, 2009

On June 29th the 101 Friends Blog/Newsletter will be featured on a “creativity prompt” through “Creativity-Portal” as one of 365 pictures/thoughts, linked to websites of people engaged in different forms of creativity. Our suggestion for CreativityPortalthe day (which will go out to thousands of people on June 29th), is that paying attention to your network of supports is a way to use creativity and in turn fosters creativity:

Some of our most creative acts have to do with how we build, foster and grow relationships, which in turn support our most creative aspirations. Who supports you wonderfully? Who participates in your dreams and supports your goals? Take a moment to connect with them and consider the circle of support and aspiration: be stronger, be inspired, be connected.

From the site: “Artists, photographers, writers, and other creatives generously sharing their personal pictures and thought-provoking prompts to inspire others with unique perspectives and manifested expressions of creativity. It’s so beautiful! Stunning photos of nature and animals, snapshots of artwork, funny illustrations, mixed media imagery, and so much more are lined up in this exquisite prompt machine.”

Check out the daily creativity prompts here:

We are honored to have been chosen as participants in this collaboration of writers, thinkers, artists and (with our inclusion) community builders!

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