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Call for Submissions – Two New Spectrum Press Anthologies

April 1, 2011

For October 2011 we hope to publish an anthology, From Institutions to Individuals: On Becoming Person-Centred, directed to college  students in Community Support Worker or Disability Studies programs and new or experienced community support workers.   For May 2012 we will be publishing a collection of writings by people with disabilities tentatively titled Adventure Stories by and for People We Care About! and we are seeking submissions for both.   Please read on to see if you or someone you know might like to join our venture to create resources that support self-determination and authenticity for all.

Susan’s essay, “From Institutions to Individuals: On Becoming Person-Centred,” has been a popular and useful work for many people who have appreciated its elegant user-friendlyness and the information conveyed about how we might accomplish the goals we aspire to.   We are looking for about a dozen similar short essays about useful, best-practice approaches to supporting self-determination and personal network develop-ment.   Prospective authors can be famous, unknown, academic, friends, family members, interdependent collaborations or by folks with disabilities.   Approaches can be research based or narrative.   Editors for this project are Aaron Johannes and Susan Stanfield, author of 101 Ways to Make Friends, and Dr Patrick McDonagh, author of Idiocy: A Cultural History.   You can read more about Patrick’s book on his website and more about the work of the 101 Friends project at Payment for submissions will be in copies of the book.

Adventure Stories by and for People We Care About! There is a tradition of Adventure Stories for Boys and Girls and I’ve been thinking that this is one of the gaps in the literature by and for people with dis-abilities.   Particularly as we’ve been reading through Barb Goode’s biography about all the places she’s visited and things that she’s done, and talking to Sheenagh about her trip to New Zealand, and to another friend about his paid employment, and to another about her move from an institution to a home of her own, and another about his visit to Isreal . . .  people with disabilities are having adventures of all kinds.   The stories in this book will answer the question: What did you do that people doubted you could do and which you are very proud of?    Tell your story like you’re sitting around a fire – make it exciting and interesting and don’t be afraid to feel really great about what you accomplished.   We want a book to inspire us all.

Spectrum Press hopes to publish one book or DVD by people with disabilities each year and this will be our own 2012 adventure.

To make a submission to From Institutions to Individuals: On Becoming Person-Centred please read Susan’s essay (see the link above) to get a sense of style and intention and then submit your work to in an email titled anthology submission.   While unable to accept all submissions, we will try to comment on as many as possible.   Submissions must be made by July 1st 2011.

To submit a story for Adventure Stories by and for People We Care About either email your work to or to Jim Reynolds, at Include clear digital photos if you have them, or your own art work.   While unable to accept all submissions, we will respond to everyone.   Submissions must be made by January 1st 2012.


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