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new poster series for Spectrum Press!

July 30, 2011

Our concern to support and create materials by, for and about people with disabilities has led to the creation of a new series of six posters, available as a set or individually, and as a set of note-cards and one of which will become the Spectrum Press limited edition t-shirt for 2011.   Feedback from supporters and people with disabilities led to some interesting changes, not least of which was the incorporation of the idea on this poster as a response to someone who said, “Nice posters – could you do something about just having a happy fun day?”

So far the series consists of posters about interdependence and inclusion (“free your mind and the rest will follow,” en vogue), “I Want To Live In Color,” inspired by a Denise Bissonnette poem, “Relax” (seen here), “Community Living Supports: our best work is invisible,” about celebrating Community Support Workers who work so hard to stay out of view, “How do you care for yourself?” about the ways in which we all can focus on self-care, and “Labels are for Jars: Language is Power.”

Check out all Spectrum Press’s products at our new storefront or contact us at if you are interested in bulk orders, commissions, fund-raising or have other good ideas 🙂

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