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PATH training March 2nd and 3rd

January 30, 2013
JuleAtCherylsPATH“No human relation gives one possession in another—every two souls are absolutely different. In friendship or in love, the two side by side raise hands together to find what one cannot reach alone.” Kahlil Gibran

We are excited about a group of Douglas College students from the Classroom and Community Support Program who are working with the Uganda Project and want to learn about PATH facilitation.   So we have organized a brief introduction to PATH facilitation and they’ve raised and saved some of their own money to have us facilitate.   Amazing folks!

And they are okay to share and to make some new friends!  So, there are just a few spaces left if you’ve wondered about this process or want a refresher.  Our usual PATH training is five days and we provide lunch etc. and this is just two days over the weekend at our offices, but everyone will have a chance to have a PATH of their own, facilitate a PATH and draw one.  There will be brief instruction on graphic facilitation and facilitation and new experiences of leading from within the room.

PATH is a co-facilitated and person-centred process which begins with dreaming big and then focuses on creating step by step plans.  It was created by the good folks at Inclusion.  One facilitator draws while the other elicits from the group.   You can use it with individuals, teams, organizations and as a project management tool.   The course will be taught by Aaron Johannes and Shelley Nessman, who have done hundreds of PATHs between them, with dozens of different partners, for all kinds of people, projects and organizations.   We offer PATH training each year, usually in September, and also travel to different sites when organizations and groups want to host PATH training in their areas.   In our most recent work we are deeply influenced by David Wetherow’s Star Raft concept of generative network building.

You can get further information or register here.

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